How it works

Our guide to charity crowdfunding

Fundraise is a new way for you to raise money online for your not-for-profit, charity, social enterprise, community project or person in need.

We recommend the following process:

Before you start
Before starting, find out what fundraise is if you're eligible, how much you can raise and what our fees are.

Register an account
If you intend to fundraise for a registered charity or NPO, you need to send us a copy of your NPO certificate. For all other campaigns, we need proof that the cause actually exists. We will need to verify every claim before your campaign starts running on our website. 

Create your campaign
Create your fundraise campaign. You can customize the content, images, video (soon), set your target and timeframe and more. 

Promote your campaign
Create a campaign team, send out your campaign via email, Facebook and Twitter and get contributions.

Get paid
Once the campaign ends or a goal has been achieved funds will be transferred into your bank account. Deductions will be made for PayFast and Fundraise administration fees.