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Bambelela stands for the most important RRR, the Rescue, Rehabilitation and Release of injured and/or orphaned Wildlife. Mainly concentrating on Vervet Monkeys, one of the most persecuted animals in South Africa and one of the 5 indigenous Primates in this country. The average rehabilitation process takes 3-4 years and involves a lot of hard work, dedication and money to fund feedings, veterinary costs and day to day expenses to keep the water and electricity going, as also communication and workers at hand. We do offer a volunteer program and though no paying jobs available, we all get paid by knowledge of giving freedom back to the animals, which is priceless. But also, Freedom comes with a price tag and on average the whole rehab of one monkey from baby to adulthood and freedom is estimated at around 6000Rand which includes vaccinations, microchipping etc. Once a release site has been found, we need funds for fuel and our people to live out in the bush with the troop of monkeys to monitore their well being for at least 6 weeks and thereafter twice weekly sit visits and trail camera monitoring their progress in the Wild. Fot this we are asking you to help us financially to make it all happening and reality...Freedom, a second chance to live wild like Nature would have wanted them to....please help us making a difference.
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